Landscaping doesn't end after Summer

Our Fall services maintain a functional outdoor living space


"Green Thumb takes care of my lawn, beds and leaves. I love knowing that they will be there every week making sure my property looks great!"

Dustin P. - 5 Star Review on Google

Leaf Clean Up

Our leaf clean up service can be tailored for your needs. Schedule clean ups weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or for the end of the season.

We provide thorough service with attention to detail. Leaves are collected from flowerbeds, lawns, and even the forgotten cellar stairways. Then, they are hauled off site to a yard waste recycling facility. 

Fall Pruning

Prune the right plant at the right time. Customers are surprised to find out that their "ever green" bushes actually produce flowers. Our knowledgable staff knows what shrubs and bushes to prune in Fall and which ones to leave for a different season.

Proper pruning encourages larger blooms and healthier plants. Pruning can also be used to limit or maintain the height of hedges bushes and shrubs.  

Perennial Care

You know that you need to do something with your perennials, but you don't know what? We maintain perennial flowers and foliage when they are over for the season.

Caring for perennials properly decreases the likelyhood of pests and diseases, encourages fuller growth in the Spring, and maintains an aesthetic look for your outdoor living space.

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