Grow your career at Green Thumb

Grow your career in the landscape industry at Green Thumb

Are you looking for something more than a job? Are you looking for a career that offers opportunity, advancement, and education? Then you have come to the right place. Green Thumb Yard Care is hiring good employees!

What makes a career at Green Thumb special?

We are a small landscape installation and maintenance company in Baltimore. We offer a unique work environment where every employee is important. You will work directly with the owner. At Green Thumb, you will be a valued landscape employee instead of a number in a system. Our team is important to us!

Growth Potential

We are hiring for our core landscape team positions. You have the rare opportunity to join our company on the ground floor. Your employment will be valued and as our landscape business grows, we will expect your role, responsibilities, and compensation to grow with us.

Competitive Pay

At Green Thumb, we understand and value the importance of our frontline workers. Therefore, we pay our landscape workers above industry average hourly rates. We also offer opportunities for overtime pay, paid time off, and other benefits. At the end of the day, we are searching for the best candidates to fill our open landscape job opportunities and we are willing to pay for them.

Education Opportunities

If you have held a job in the landscape industry, you know that most employees’ first days look like this:

“Get in the truck. John will tell you what to do when you arrive at the site”

Green Thumb will give you the time and attention that you deserve to make sure that you are equipped for your job as a landscaper. Our employees have frequent training so that they are knowledgeable and productive.

Ready to start your landscape career at Green Thumb?

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