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About Native Gardening

Gardening with native plants is more than just another way to show your Maryland pride. Planting native provides a host of other benefits:

  • Support Pollinators
  • Encourage Biodiversity
  • Decrease Inputs

Plants are the foundation for all other life. Choosing plants responsibly that encourage, promote, and protect our native species is our job as stewards of the land.

Native Gardening Blog

Turfgrass Disease – Brown Patch

Brown patch is a turfgrass fungal disease that is pretty self explanatory. Brown patches appear in the lawn when temperatures remain 70F and higher. What is Brown Patch? As stated above, brown patch is a fungal disease. It affects all types of turfgrass. However, some...

Stoneleigh Landscaping Job June 2019

  In June 2019, we were contacted by a Stoneleigh resident to complete some landscaping tasks. The landscaping job included the following items: Pruning forsythia bushes Weeding and cleaning flower beds Cutting fresh flower bed edges Delivering, planting and...

7 Native Ground Covers

Have you been looking for a low maintenance alternative to lawns? Ground covers are a great installment for flower beds and hills. We have selected seven native ground covers that you are bound to enjoy. 1. Wild Ginger (Asarum canadense) Native ginger is a slow...

2019 Herbicide Program

This article is intended to educate existing and prospective customers about our 2019 herbicide program. This program is designed to prevent and treat weeds most common to central Maryland lawns. We want to use the least amount of chemicals possible to achieve a great...

Fertility Program 2019

This article is intended to educate existing and prospective customers about our 2019 fertility program. This program is based on the needs of most central Maryland lawns. No phosphorus will be applied in our standard program. In the state of Maryland, it is actually...

Should You Aerate This Spring?

There's a lot of misinformation online. Some of it may be intentional. But, I assume most of it comes from a misinformed source. Today, I want to clear up some common misconceptions about aerating in the spring. When doing a quick google search for the keywords...

Spring Clean Up in Four Easy Steps

After being trapped inside, spring gardening is a great way to shake cabin fever. When we perform a spring clean up, we typically follow four steps in the same order, pruning, clean up, edging, and mulching. I have found this order to be most efficient and makes for...

Planting Native: A Summary

Buying local has become a trend. The farm to table movement, small business day, craft beer, and even handmade custom furniture are some examples of the “buy local” movement in Maryland. Beyond buying local we should also plant local. There are many benefits to using...

Flowerbed Maintenance in October

Flowerbed maintenance is recurring maintenance service that we offer our customers. The service runs from March through November. Every month we make one scheduled visit to the property to perform our flowerbed maintenance routines. Each month poses a slightly...

Renewal Pruning

Renewal pruning is a term that some people may not be familiar with. Plants that have been neglected for long periods of time can become too overgrown to prune. Renewal pruning gives overgrown, uncared for plants a new life. Drastically cutting back the plant's size...