Pansies Mixed


Live pansies of varying colors delivered to your door. Grown in 4″ containers. Quantity discounts available in our online nursery.

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Cold tolerant, pansies provide great pops of fall color. Plant in full or partial sun. Ideally, pansies will receive morning sun and be protected from the harsh afternoon sun. 

Plant them about 7-12″ apart and keep in mind that they will grow 6-9″ tall. Pansies should be planted in rich, well-draining, humus soil.

Caring for pansies is easy! Make sure they are watered regularly. Most pansies fail because they do not receive enough water. Using an all-purpose 10-10-10 fertilizer will encourage quicker and healthier growth. For longer and more brilliant blooms, deadhead damaged or faded pansy blossoms. 


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