Seasoned Firewood

Purchase firewood for delivery by the 1/2 cord

Good firewood is vital for starting a fire easily. Our seasoned hardwood firewood had been dried for at least one year 

Ordering Firewood from Green Thumb

Place your order for firewood in 1/2 cord increments. One full cord of firewood is 4’x4’x8′ in volume. Our half cord option is 2’x4’x8′. 

When we deliver your firewood, we will dump the product in your driveway unless directed otherwise. Stacking is an additional fee.


Why use seasoned firewood? 

“Seasoned” simply means dried and aged. It is important that your firewood is seasoned hardwood. 

Burning “green” wood has multiple negative affects. First, green wood is harder to light and burn. In addition, green wood does not burn as clean. Therefore, it is worse for the environment and dirties your chimney quicker. 

Seasoned wood will appear cracked when looking at it from the ends. The drying process causes the wood to split and crack. When it is smacked together, the firewood should sound like two baseball bats hitting together.