Gardening with Pansies

Add Fall and Spring color instantly!

Pansies are a great way to add interest and color to your gardens and flower pots when other plants go dormant!

Ordering Pansies from Green Thumb

Our pansies are purchased directly from the grower in quantities of 6.  We do our best to pass our savings along to you.

Select your pansy color and quantity, or try a mix of colors.

After your purchase is made, we will pick up your pansies from our supplier and deliver them to your door within 5 business days. 


Gardening with Pansies


Incorporating pansies into your landscape is fun and easy.

Use them in planters, window boxes, and flower pots to fill out the arrangement. 

You can also plant them directly in flowerbeds in a mass planting. Space your pansies 10-12″ apart so that they have room to grow and fill in the bare spaces.

To get the most out of your pansies, regular deadheading will prolong the bloom period.

The best part about planting pansies in the fall is that they are usually hardy enough to survive winter and offer a second season of blossoms in the spring!