Spring Blooming Bulbs

Plant in fall for spring flowers!

Crocus, daffodils and tulips are the first signs of spring. Order and plant these bulbs in the fall for beautiful spring blossoms!

Ordering Bulbs from Green Thumb

We purchase our bulbs from a high quality supplier for a reasonable price. Then we let those savings trickle down to you.

Pick from our selection of bulbs and varieties.

After your purchase is made, we will deliver your order within 5-10 business days.  

Gardening with Bulbs


There are so many great uses for spring bulbs. Choose between beautiful cut flowers, containers, borders, naturalized gardens, and more!

Spring blooming bulbs should be planted in the fall. October and November is a great time, but we have had success planting as late as December.

A good general rule to follow when planting your bulbs is to burry them about twice as deep as the diameter of the bulb. Place a single bulb in the hole or try 2-3.

Another idea that we enjoy is planting crocus bulbs in your lawn. Crocuses appear in late February and early March when the lawn is still dormant. Once the grass starts to grow, you can simply cut the crocuses with your mower and enjoy them next spring.

If you have a lot bulbs to plant we highly recommend this time saving tool!