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How aerating and overseeding makes your lawn better

For an all inclusive answer, you can read our article about aerating and follow the related articles.

However, here is the gist…

Aeration removes cores and decompacts our thick clay soil. Once the cores are removed, oxygen, water, and nutrients can easily make their way into the soil. There, they are readily used by the grass.

It is the perfect time to seed after aerating because the soil is exposed. Packing the lawn with high quality seed will fill in thin spots from wear and tear over the growing season and make the lawn more dense.

The benefits of hiring Green Thumb for aeration and overseeding

    • Fast and easy estimates using satellite
    • The best seed for Maryland lawns
    • 2x the amount of seed than most other competitors
    • Knowledgable staff
    • Support a Baltimore small business
    • Licensed and insured

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