Flowerbed Maintenance

Three tiers of service to fit your needs

How our flowerbed maintenance service works

We offer three tiers of service. You select which level of service suits your needs. Our team will schedule monthly visits to your property to perform your selected services. Our visits begin in April once it is late enough in the season to distinguish desirable plants from weeds and early enough to stay in ahead of gardening tasks.

Keep reading to decide what level of service best meets your needs. 

Tier 1: Regular weeding and light pruning

Tier 1 is the lowest level of service that we recommend. We will schedule monthly visits to your property April – November.

While we are on your property, we will treat and pull weeds that are growing in the flower beds. We will also perform light pruning tasks. These pruning tasks include deadheading flowers on herbaceous perennials, removing dried or damaged leaves on herbaceous perennials, removing stems and branches <1″ in diameter that are obstructing walking paths. On our last visit, we will trim herbaceous perennials for the winter. Also included, we will remove excess organic debris. 

We will not perform the following tasks during our visits. We will not prune woody ornamental plants and trees. We will not collect leaves during the heavy leaf season, October-November. We will not collect piles of debris created by the customer, this is a separate service. We will not collect debris and branches that are larger that 6ft in length or 1ft in diameter. 

Tier 2: Perennial and Woody Ornamental Fertilizer

As part of our tier 2 flowerbed maintenance service, we will provide timely fertilizer applications to perennials and woody ornamentals. With this service, you can expect bigger and more blooms out of your flowering plants, as well as increased plant health and vigor. 

We will not apply fertilizer to large trees, think oaks, ashes, maples, etc. This is a separate service that we offer through a certified arborist. 

Tier 3: Quarterly IPM Analysis

Our third tier of service is unique from the others. It includes four quarterly visits to your property throughout the year. During these visits, a certified arborist will assess the health of trees and shrubs on your property. They will look for disease, pests, and other potential threats to your landscape. 

Each quarter, you will receive a written IPM (integrate pest management) analysis for your property. IPM tries to stay ahead of problems in your landscape and use best practices when problems occur. Some solutions to problems may be pesticide treatments, pruning, mechanical solutions, and more. 

This service is an analysis only. Any recommendations will be completed as a separate service. The IPM analysis will not include an analysis of herbaceous perennials as they are relatively low cost and very hardy. 

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