Rain Garden Installation – Timonium, MD

Green Thumb Yard Care works with Patricia Ceglia to install a rain garden in Timonium, MD

Late October, Green Thumb Yard Care installed a rain garden in Timonium, MD. This project was very fun and rewarding for multiple reasons. First, the final product functions and looks fantastic. Second, the project aligns with our mission to be responsible ecological stewards. And finally, it is fun to push the boundary of our abilities while getting dirty in the field. 

Rain gardens are one of several ways to manage stormwater and runoff. Each rain garden has to be specifically designed to accommodate runoff from the site. This rain garden idea was conceived by our client who hired Patricia Ceglia, a designer and consultant, to create a master plan. In designing this rain garden, Patricia selected native plants that will thrive in the various microclimates within the garden. Some plants will be periodically submerged in water, while others will remain relatively dry. Most of the garden lies in shade. Below is the plan that Patricia and our client presented to us. 

Contrary to popular belief, landscaping is usually detrimental to our natural environment. Non-native and even invasive plants regularly replace our native biodiversity. Not to mention that landscaping and maintenance burns fossil fuel and spreads pollutants. This rain garden project was exciting because it works to mimic natural systems that actually appear in nature. As a company, Green Thumb wants to migrate away from practices that harm our environment and simultaneously work on projects to improve it. This rain garden project fits that bill to a tee.

The Timonium Rain Garden was a first for Green Thumb. Not only was it our first rain garden installation, it was also the first time we worked for a designer as the installer. Green Thumb has experience excavating, grading, planting, etc. However, this was the first time that all of these skills culminated into a rain garden. It is always fun to apply skills in new ways, and expand our capabilities. Even more so, if the project is fulfilling and aligned to our goals as a company, environmental stewardship. It was also a pleasure working for a designer. Separation and specialization of tasks allowed us to focus on what we do best, creating beautiful landscapes.

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