Fall Planter and Window Box DIY

Fall is a beautiful time of year, but it means that winter is just around the corner. Here are some ideas for beautiful Fall and Winter plantings!

This post is geared towards flower pot and window box design. We are going to follow our foolproof 3-part formula for creating beautiful planting arrangements. If you aren’t familiar with the “Thrill, Fill, Spill” method, quickly scan over the link above and come back to this post! 


You need a plant that is going to turn heads AND stand up to cold Fall and winter nights. Luckily, you have a few options. 

  • Mums
  • Hellebore
  • Dracaena Spike

Mums are definitely eye-catching, especially in October, November, and even early December. But eventually, relentless frosts will cause them to wilt. They do have a high probability of surviving the cold and regrowing in the Spring, though.

Hellebores are a great truly evergreen option. In addition, they even produce a beautiful flower in January – April. If you are looking for a low maintenance planter idea, this is a great option. They are even perennial, which means you only need to plant them once!

Dracaena spikes are another good option, however, they do not have a beautiful flower like the other two options. Nonetheless, they are a solid choice that pairs easily with other seasonal plantings. 




Contrary to popular belief, there are multiple plants that can brave the cold. To fill out your planting we recommend considering a few factors. First, consider color. If you decide to plant an orange mum as your centerpiece, do NOT plant orange plants like a caramel heuchera or orang pansies right next to them!

Also, switch up the texture. If you chose a flower for your “thrill,” then pick a nice foliage plant for your “fill.” Strive to create an aesthetic balance between contrasting shapes, colors, and textures with these filler plants:

Dusty Miller

Ornamental Pepper



This is the last component to creating your awesome Fall/Winter Planter. Think about plants that creep across the ground. 

These plants should be planted near the edge of your container so that they can spill out of the top and down the side. Look for these options:

  • Ivy Varieties
  • Vinca
  • Greek Oregano (very fragrant)
  • Creeping Thyme Varieties
  • Stone Sedum
  • Creeping Wire Vine

Stone Sedum


Variegated Thyme

English Ivy

As you can see, there are a lot of options for beautiful Fall and Winter planters. Be creative and choose plantings that fit your style and aesthetic!

If this is a project you plan on completing, please use these links to purchase any tools you may need. It helps us out at no extra cost to you!

If you need help finding plants, we have access, through our wholesalers, to most plants listed. Please send an estimate request or if you are an existing customer, please email us. We are happy to purchase and deliver your plants to your door!

Thanks for checking out this DIY project! You can scroll through related articles below. Want beautiful planters and window boxes but don’t have the time? Please submit an estimate request below, or view all of our services.

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