My favorite landscaping books

This post is a little different than most. This is an ongoing list of my favorite books about landscaping. I have many books on the topic. Most of them were gifted, some of them were purchased. But, I always find myself returning to the same few selections.

Landscape Construction

This is my absolute favorite. This college textbook style resource gives excellent info for almost any landscaping endeavor. From how to build pergolas and retaining walls to grading and site preparation this book covers it all!

Manual of Woody Landscape Plants

This book is a little pricy, but if you want to know about bushes, shrubs, and trees, this book is a must have. Every single tree, bush, and shrub imaginable can be found in this book. Even most cultivars appear in this writing. This book is very helpful for reliable knowledge about plant size, growth habits, etc.

Turfgrass Management

Another book that is invaluable! This book is packed with everything you need to know about growing and maintaining grass. From fairways and putting greens to your backyard, this book covers everything. Learn about grass types, proper mowing techniques, fertilizer, diseases, and so much more! I constantly refer back to this book when I am faced with a question about maintaining lawns. 

Weeds of the Northeast

Weeds of the Northeast is not a must have, but is extremely useful for identifying weeds. I love to use this book for training purposes. Once you have the confidence to distinguish between weeds and flowers, gardening becomes so much more enjoyable. 

Pruning and Training

This is a selection for the more advanced gardener and definitely a must have if you plan of doing any pruning work around your home. This book has taught me everything that I know about pruning. It coaches you on different pruning techniques and how to apply them to achieve your desired outcome. It also has wonderful illustrations that can boost a new gardener’s confidence when pruning plants around the garden.

These books are not listed in any particular order. Please purchase or rent them from a library as needed. All books mentioned above have been linked to where you can purchase them. If you purchase them using the links provided above a small portion of your purchase will go to us at no extra cost to you! So we really appreciate you shopping through our site. 

Hopefully, you will find these books helpful, too! You can scroll through related articles below.

Just because you read it in a book doesn’t mean it is easy to do in the field. If you need a landscaper, please submit an estimate request below or view all of our services.

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My favorite landscaping books

This post is a little different than most. This is an ongoing list of my favorite books about landscaping. I have many books on the topic. Most of them were gifted, some of them were purchased. But, I always find myself returning to the same few selections. Landscape...

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