November News Letter

Now that fall has settled in, our regular mowing will be slowing down as we transition to Fall and Winter clean up work. More details about our fall services can be found below. 

We have had a busy month so we have selected a few projects to showcase. Hopefully you find them interesting and inspiring.

We’ve also included a DIY project for you to try! Check out the tutorial below for directions.

Last, don’t forget to check out our Q&A and resources section. If you are curious about something, just ask us. We will try to include your submission next month!

What’s new with Green Thumb?

Project showcase

Building with timbers

In the past month we were hired to complete a few projects with timbers. They can be used in many ways, from retaining walls, borders, and even as a pad for firewood storage. See how our process sets us apart.

Fresh sod to revitalize a small business

This project is from a few months ago. Despite a few challenges we completed this job the right way. Now that some time has passed, we want to showoff how amazing the new lawn looks. 

Designing a new garden in Parkville

This was a fun project because we were able to start with a clean slate. First removed the existing overgrown landscaping. Then we chose the right plants to put in the right locations for longterm success.

November DIY

If you have spent any time walking around your neighborhood, then you must have noticed all of the wonderful fall and winter annuals. Mid October and November is the time to transition to fall and winter plantings. 

This project is a great way to spend a few minutes out doors. Find out what tools and plants to use in this article.

Have fun! 

  • Approximate time: 15-30 minutes
  • Approximate budget: $60
  • Difficulty: Easy

November Q&A

Each month we will try to answer a few questions that may be relevant to you. If you have any questions about your landscape, please let us know and we will do our best to answer!

 1.     When does lawn mowing end?

There is no one size fits all answer to this question. Warm season grasses like zoysia and bermuda grass are coming to a halt. However, the warm temperature we have had keep propelling growth forward for cool season grasses. Our team uses their discretion to decide if a lawn should be mowed or skipped. After we receive our first frost, all growth will slow dramatically. 

2.     Is it too late to seed?

No, it is not. But it is not recommended. With leave coming down, the new seedlings will struggle for light.

Additionally many new seedlings will be damaged by leaf removal. Your best bet is to seed in late winter/early spring. Sod, however does really well when laid in the fall and even in the winter!